Recipes, Birthday Fundracer, and What’s Next!

Hey Everyone! If you’ve been following me over on my Instagram (@jwoods3810) you’ve seen several food posts lately. As part of my journey of learning to fuel properly I’ve been exploring with new recipes, and I wanted to share a few with you! Simple but wholly nutritious –

But first – Monday is my birthday – HELLO 27. And along with my usual birthday post, I am also doing a fundraiser partnering with Sophie and Madigans Playground (you can learn more about this charity here). Sophie would have been 11 on Monday which is why this is near to my heart. My goal is $600 and right now I’m at $160. Please considering partnering with me as part of the birthday celebration – $27, $11 or $1 it all makes a difference for kids and families in communities. Partner with me here: BIRTHDAY FUNDRACER – THANK YOU!!

Breakfast #1

Gluten Free Pancakes & Honey – Lime Fruit Salad 

Here is the link for the gluten free pancakes recipe (Breezy Bakes Gluten Free Pancakes) – I subbed unsweetened almond milk for regular milk, organic light brown sugar for regular sugar and all-natural peanut butter for regular butter.

*I added cinnamon to one of these pancakes and chocolate chips to the other for some extra flavor

As for the Honey – Lime Fruit Salad this is a go to for me – it’s simply a combination of fruit of your choice drizzled with honey and lime juice, tossed, and marinated in the fridge for at least an hour. Such a great side item for breakfast!

Breakfast #2

Kale & Eggs, Muffin, Fruit, and Yogurt w/ toppings

This one is a little bit of everything! First – sauté some kale in a dab of butter or oil, whisk up two eggs and scramble in with the kale. Next, grab a Know Foods muffin and warm for just to where you can see the chocolate chips start to melt slightly, Third, grab an apple and chop into slices – if you want something extra grab some peanut butter or dip them in this > Lastly, grab a half cup of organic plain yogurt and add protein powder and sliced almonds (or natural topping like berries, pumpkin seeds, or other nuts), stir together and enjoy!


Know Foods Turkey Wrap, Chopped Veggies, and Organic Clif Kids ZBar

For the wrap – take a Know Foods wrap and add condiments of your choice – I use yellow mustard. Add sliced deli meat of your choice, topped with sliced tomato, sliced avocado, and pickles (add other toppings if desired). When ready to eat pop in the microwave for 30 seconds.

For the veggies – slice up veggies of your choice, bag or tupperware them, and throw them in the fridge until ready for consumption. Ideas for dipping? Ranch is always easy, but try salsa on for size – I love the added flavor!

A few other ideas to go with these: Van’s Multigrain CrackersSmartFood Delight Individual Popcorn Bags, or Clif Bar – Organic Z Bar


Turkey Burgers w/ Egg Whites & Avocado, Salad, and Roasted Sweet Potato

For the Burgers: I buy all natural ground turkey from the store and slice them individually for the perfect patties. Sprinkling a little oil on the pan, shape them into burgers, salt and pepper and cook on low/medium-medium heat. Meanwhile break an egg and add white onto the skillet to fry. While these are both cooking slice up your avocado and start your plate.

For the Side Salad: Chop some spinach, kale and broccoli and toss together. Slice berries or fruit of your choice and add to the top. Last, add some sliced almonds or pumpkin seeds to the top and drizzle with dressing of your choice.

For the Roasted Sweet Potatoes: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grab (2) sweet potatoes and slice and quarter. Drizzle with olive oil and salt & pepper, and throw in oven for about 20 minutes, flipping at about the halfway- point. Once everything is cooked throw it on a plate and enjoy!

So there are a few recipes to try. Now for what’s next:

Along with taking a step back from training, I’m doing a few local races just for fun through the summer!

May 13th – Buford, GA- Supermom 5K with mom for Mother’s Day

June 11th – Atlanta, GA – Hotlanta Half this was recent b/c I received a free entry so I plan to just run this for fun with a few friends.

July 4th – Atlanta, GA – Peachtree Road Race this will be the one I gear up for in terms of racing!

A lighter docket for me, but a much deserved break! Right now there are only (3) races on the fall calendar starting with the Disneyland Half in September, and hoping to add one or two more. It will be a good but different season, I’m excited for what’s to come.


Have a great Mother’s Day Weekend!


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I'm a native Atlantan, run loving foodie who got a little sideways in her nutrition and is learning how to train and fuel in a healthy way to continue to live life to the fullest. God created me beautifully and I desire to honor Him by being the best version of me. I want that for YOU also!

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