Birthday, Fundracer Goal, Charleston, and Disney Runcationer

Hey Ya’ll – its good to be back on the blog. The past 10 days have been full to say the least. Mother’s Day weekend, a battle with strep throat, birthday celebrations, Kada’s departure, Birthday fundracing, the Grove, a getaway to Charleston, and a new blog spot on runDisney runcation, whew! So where to begin?

First, gosh, I felt so incredibly loved and cared for on May 15th and the days leading up to it, so many of you guys went out of your way to text, message, or post wishing me a happy birthday, I’m already loving 27! So THANK YOU!

Mother’s Day weekend was great even through the strep throat. Mom and I did a race that morning that ended with me sprinting through the finish line and straight to the doctor (almost seriously), who took about 30 seconds to confirm I had strep. I’ve never been in that kind of pain with no relief from medicine and I’ve never loved antibiotics more. Have you ever stopped to think about the gifting the Lord gave to pharmacists and researchers? Because in this moment I absolutely did and I was so grateful for how that all went down.  Regardless, we spent that Saturday morning with my family eating breakfast classics and opening presents both for mothers day and my birthday. Sunday we hopped over to Jon’s family and spent the afternoon with them eating a delicious Shepherds Pie **Quick Recipe: Mashed potatoes, browned ground chuck, can of green beans, can of diced tomatoes, and cheese if desired. Stir beans, tomatoes and beef together and layer bottom of glass pan, layer potatoes over top, and sprinkle cheese. Bake for 45 minutes at 350. YUM!

Thankfully when Monday rolled around aka the actual birthday my throat was starting to give me some relief so it was time to celebrate. Spending the first hours of the morning at ACS, hopping over to Big Peach to open with a surprise visit of chocolates from my husband, and headed to the Grove at Passion City Church who the surprise guest speaker was none other than Priscilla Shirer, such an amazing story of how she touched my life 6 years ago and now had the opportunity to meet her and sit under her teaching on my birthday. God orchestrated this whole night from Crowder worship, serving alongside my husband, hosting Atlanta Mission ladies and connecting with them, and sitting next to the best of friends who pour into my life constantly. Birthday success!!!

Oh and of course I didn’t forget – we went over and beyond the goal for the birthday fundracer partnering with Sophie & Madigan’s Playground. You guys were so incredibly generous. Thank you for making this a success and helping build community in honor of these two girls.

Tuesday was also Kada’s departure day so I said goodbye to her before I left early that morning and Jon got her all packed up and shipped off to doggie bootcamp. Thankfully they give us frequent updates so we are getting to keep up with our girl and her progress, and there is progress!

Then THURSDAY, after months of planning it was time for CHARLESTON. An actual vacation not a runcation, although the most beautiful 6.5 mile training run happened on Saturday morning – if you ever want to find a route for yourself wherever you are mapmyrun will give you maps and distances and let you draw out your own route, it’s SO useful. The best part of Charleston : the food. From Lewis BBQ in North Charleston, to Salmon BLT’s at Lost Dog Cafe and fresh fruit yogurt parfait’s at Black Magic Cafe on Folly Beach, to crab cakes and shrimp and grits at Magnolia’s, and peppermint chocolate chip at Republic Ice Cream + so much more we were NEVER disappointed and there are so many places we want to try. We also walked all the miles which is why every Instagram post is tagged with the #walkallthemiles hashtag. We ran, explored, sat on the waterfront overlooking Ft Sumter, saw Rainbow Row, body surfed in the ocean, and just sat still while we rested in Jesus. We couldn’t be more thankful for that time together and the way the Lord worked in our hearts. Yep, I’m loving 27.

But it was time to come home, and Monday was back to normal. San Francisco is happening in less than 100 days, and the runDisney Disneyland Half is only 103 days away (whose counting) also got some fun mail as I was able to snag some fun merch from openings of my favorite small shops which gave me the idea:

@disneyruncationer IS NOW A THING and will have a blog spot here along with my regular posts – which will be back to normal in the next week, along with Instagram posts with quick tips and tricks for shopping small and planning runDisney runcations on a budget. Hope you check it out and enjoy!

As always here’s a peak into the race calendar, but it pretty much looks the same – I’m hoping to add in a 5k/10K or two. Unfortunately as I work back to a healthy weight marathons are probably off the table, but will be working towards the Walt Disney world Marathon in January!

June 11th – Hotlanta Half

July 4th – Peachtree Road Race

September 3rd – Disneyland Half

November 4th – Wine & Dine 10K

December 16th – Jeff Galloway 13.1

Excited to be home and excited to start some new hobbies. Thanks for checking in with me.

Talk soon,



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I'm a native Atlantan, run loving foodie who got a little sideways in her nutrition and is learning how to train and fuel in a healthy way to continue to live life to the fullest. God created me beautifully and I desire to honor Him by being the best version of me. I want that for YOU also!

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