You Go Girl!

Happy International Women’s Day! As women we have a huge opportunity to display grace and beauty in every step we take, we are the crown jewel of our Creator. I mean whoa! That means whether you are out for a long run down the streets of Atlanta, sitting in a cubicle, or cooking dinner at home you are valued, beautiful and treasured by your Father.

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way.” Song of Solomon 4:7

*FITNESS TIP: Feeling sluggish in the morning? Spend the first few minutes stretching and waking up – gently touch your toes, quad stretch, calf stretch, and arm swings. If you really want to get moving do this simple circuit to jump start your day after you get moving:

25 x Jumping Jacks

20 x Pushups

15 x Body Weight Squats

10 x Sit Ups

5 x Burpees (and I usually do a 6th one for good measure)

You won’t believe how much more awake and ready for your day you will feel!

If you want some specific workout ideas for longer workouts head over to PINTEREST FOR THE WIN

*NUTRITION TIP: Start each and every morning with 8-16oz of water. Do this about 30 minutes before you eat breakfast to flush out toxins that form and sit in your body while you are sleeping. This will help prepare your body and digestive tract for all the goodness you’ll consume over the day!

*SPOTLIGHT ON: NUUN HYDRATION. At the beginning of this year I became an ambassador for Nuun Hydration products. Unlike other sports drinks Nuun is free from the additive sugars making it a clean hydration tool, it’s simply a tab you drop into your water bottle and it dissolves after adding water. They have a variety of different products including Nuun Energy – for longer workouts, Nuun Active – for moderate workouts and every day going, and Nuun Vitamins – to help give your body the boost it needs during training. If you want more information CLICK ME 

*FUNDRAISING UPDATE: Ya’ll I’ve been blown away that in less than a week my community has generously given 40% of the goal towards St Jude’s. Incredible. Thank you Jesus. I am working on a few fundraising opportunities that involve YOU. If you want to check out my latest idea and provide some feedback : HEY FACEBOOK POST  and if you just want to give there’s an easy way to do that as well THANK YOU

*COMMUNITY: Sadly, we are losing an hour this week, but the news here is really actually very good because it means SPRING IS COMING AND SO IS THE SUMMER SUN! Long days mean more community opportunities so be on the lookout for women’s community events in the days to come – if you want to be added to the list – click CONTACT ME AND FILL OUT THE FORM !

Jesus has been so incredibly faithful in this journey. He who has been faithful will be faithful to do it again! His promises never fail.

Enjoy the rest of your week!