The Fear in Goal-Setting & the Hotlanta Half

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about goals, it breeds vulnerability and accountability. Fear can come into the frame in terms of not meeting expectations therefore disappointing yourself and those around you. This can happen in relationships, careers, your health, and pretty much every other aspect of your life as well, but fear isn’t a good state to live in. I would rather fight ‘til the end and have people around me, then play it safe alone. So, I thought maybe we could start there today.
Most of you know I ran the Hotlanta Half on Sunday. It was my first half since the beginning of April, and I haven’t been near that distance since then. With my recovery from my procedure mid-April and the events that followed I was iffy leading into the weekend, but I have big dreams. My hope is that I can break into the elite realm while still maintaining this everyday person lifestyle, I hope it inspires people along the way. The idea that you can be active, wherever you are, see the world, and enjoy it to the fullest training yourself for the road ahead is something I am passionate about and all this is scary to say out loud. It’s important though and can’t be dismissed as fantasy. I can go into a whole long post about why the ins and outs of all this important, but I will save it for a later time.
Now going back to Sunday, I stepped up to the line with the idea that I would play it safe, but I had no idea what that would look like. Would I be able to run the whole thing? Would I even be able to stay under 2 hours? It scared me but I was ready to find out. While the weather had looked dicey several days leading up to the event the rain held off and the clouds hung overhead the whole time I was on the course. The humidity absolutely played a factor as to my ability to move forward, but I made it. Running those 13.1 miles in the hills and humidity of Atlanta reminded me why I loved it, but it also reminded me of the fact that each day and each season brings unique challenges. Yes, I did run the whole thing and my time was much better than anticipated, however over two days later and my body is still reeling, soreness after a half is something I haven’t known in several years.
Things look different now, my body has changed, my season has changed, but my goals remain the same. I can say in confidence that this next season will bring even more beauty, and that this past season has taught me SO much that I will use to fuel me.
Whatever season you are walking through the soreness won’t last forever, and there is a reason you have it there. You have grown, stretched, and possibly feel as though you’ve gotten trampled on, but you are still here, and you still have the opportunity to move forward. The Hotlanta Half has been one of my favorite events over the past several years and while this year looked different, I love it more than I ever have. That’s the funny thing about pain sometimes, you look back and realize you would do it all over again if it allowed you to learn, grow and step into where you are now. Even in a setback kind of way this weekend helped me get further towards those lofty goals I set a year or so ago.
What goals do you have? What sticky season have you had to walk through to help push them forward? Have you had the “Ah-ha” moment when it made sense on exactly why you walked through what you did?
I want to know! Send em my way via email or in the comments!
On to the Peachtree Road Race!!


Good News, Gym Upgrades & Global Running Day!

Hey you! It’s been awhile since we last talked, but to be honest May wasn’t my favorite despite it being THE month I most look forward to every year. But here we are in June and my iron is now in the NORMAL RANGE! Praise! Our gym has gotten an upgrade I’m excited about (and in that excitement there’s a new workout below), and one of my favorite days of the year is here and I hope it motivates you to get moving.

So about my Iron issues, and the progress we’ve made: Over the past six weeks I’ve added animal protein to two out of three meals a day as well as taken a supplement. Now it’s all about maintenance. This week I tried something new, after grabbing some Simple Truth Chicken Burgers from Kroger last week. I grilled up one of them with all the spices, and added some tomatoes and veggies for lunch. The burgers are thick and with added veggies it’s a filling and healthy meal.

On a harder, yet positive note. YES, I’ve gained weight since surgery, and NO it hasn’t been easy in every moment. Clothes fit differently, I feel different, but I know that in the long run – no pun intended – it’s exactly what my body was calling for. Maybe you are in a spot where you have been through health challenges and significant changes, and mentally its taken a toll – just remember that in every moment you make a healthy choice you are doing something that helps you honor your body, and be used to the fullest.

Some fun news, I’m sore, like really sore, but for a great reason. Our gym now has TRX machines, with Kettle bells, bands to assist with pull-ups (because honestly it’s discouraging to have to do 1 or even 1/2 a pull up and call it a day), and stability balls. So excited! This is more along the lines of what I did in college, and I could immediately feel the impact on what adding this back in has done. So here’s a little circuit for you:

3x Through:

*15 Kettle Bell swings – knees shoulder length apart and slightly bent, swing through your knees and up to a 90 degree angle 

* 8 TXV pull ups – body in a straight line with back to the floor and pull up with the bands 

*10 Stability ball pikes – hands on floor, feet on ball and body flat slowly pulling the hips up into a pike position

*5 assisted pull-ups – use the band that makes you work but gives you the support you need to get all the way up! 

Now, onto Global Running Day. Did you laugh when you heard there was even such a thing? Aren’t all these “days” just a joke anyway? Maybe, but they can also be an opportunity. An opportunity to try something new, make new memories, find a fresh perspective, maybe just maybe it’s not just a laughable concept, maybe it really could be life-changing. So that kind of feels like a stretch, but for many people finding something they love to do that is keeping them physically healthy is a struggle. Like, you know you need to, but this overwhelming task of starting is daunting. Do YOU feel like you don’t know where to start? This is one reason I love Global Running Day it literally gives you EVERY opportunity to start. The Atlanta Track Club hosts runs 4x during the day and all the local running speciality stores are having community events, plus say you are a goal setter like me, and you can find special deals on running events large and small, near and far (check out ) so get yourself a goal to chase!

As for me, I love a good challenge and the fact that the Atlanta Track Club hosts their midnight run to kick off the day is just what I look forward to. So off I went to see friends, and the community ready to have some fun. Then I crashed for about 3.5 hours until my alarm went off to let me know it was time for the Big Peach, November Project, Back on my Feet run in Midtown. I look forward to it so much because it’s the day I know people will show up BIG TIME, and all my friends that I haven’t seen in awhile will be there. It was a blast, we took it easy, the weather has been a bit cooler the last couple days and its pretty refreshing. I will finish the day at Big Peach Brookhaven for Hotlanta Half Packet Pick Up, there are still spots to sign up for the Half even though the 5K is sold out!

Let me know how you are spending Global Running Day in the comments, did you try something new? Go somewhere different?