February 2018

Jon and I were talking a few days ago in a moment I had just been overwhelmed by gratitude. The chance to get up every single day and do what I love: hit the pavement (or the treadmill) and go! SO many people in this world don’t have that luxury, either they physically or financially can’t or they live in an environment that doesn’t allow it. But not only does the opportunity to run continue to present itself, but the opportunity to partner with amazing people who help care for those that cannot.

The past couple weeks of training have been hard. Pushing my pace in general, but also for longer miles. Sprinting 5Ks and then doing that again the next weekend. But each time no matter how many hills I’ve battled it’s been an overwhelming and emotional moment crossing the finish line or even just finishing a run. And God allows me to continue…

February 10th – Hearts & Soles 5K

  • This was my second time at this event, and while Jon didn’t run this year it was a fun morning for us both. The rain held off and it was a comfortable low 50 degree, cloudy morning. The easiest thing about this race is that since having done it before, my expectations were already set. And after a long run the morning before, there were no time goals, just GO. The Atlanta Track Club really does a fantastic job with this event. It’s always very well supported, people show up and show out, and it’s run so smoothly.

February 17th – Atlanta Mission 5K

  • Also my second time at this race, although it has been a few years since the first go around. The best thing about this event is that it is SO much more than a 5K: it’s stories of hope, it’s coming together as a city to support people who don’t have what we have. It’s dancing, laughing, acting crazy, and listening to leaders who have huge, God-sized vision for this city, and its FUN. The course is one of the hardest 5K courses I’ve done, but every single step is worth it. Thanks Atlanta Mission for another incredible year.

February 24th & 25th – RunDisney Princess Weekend w/ Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

  • This whole month is clearly about doing things for the second time. As I head to Orlando this week in partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals , in honor of my late grandfather, I want to say THANK YOU again for the generosity of people in my circle who helped give kids a chance at LIFE. You are heroes, and I’m so excited to not only race in honor of Pop, but in honor of you! And celebrate the chance to be here and breathing and living.

On Thursday, the treadmill was whirring beneath my feet as I watched the news on the screen. What would have normally been a run of the mill (literally) morning where they showed us the weather, the traffic, and whatever shooting and/or fire happened overnight in Atlanta, this morning was different: it was kids who would never see their teachers or friends again, friends and teachers that don’t get any more moments on this Earth. And while I’ve unfortunately seen these stories too many times now, this one struck me differently – I get another moment and I want to be bold in using it! So tearfully (which was challenging when I was clipping at faster pace) running changed. And it’s a beautiful journey, in the valleys and hills.


Thanks to my Nike (Pegasus 34), Mizuno (Wave Rider 21), New Balance (Fresh Foam Zante), Nuun Hydration, and Larabar for keeping me going!


January 2018 Check-In

This month has had everything, challenge, drama, intrigue, laughter, spontaniety. It’s been hard – eh, downright brutal in moments – but it’s been a dream. Because I’m here, if you are reading this – you’re here, and it means we’ve got a shot at February. So, lets ask a few questions: (I will answer as an example, but I want you to really think here)

  1. How did you challenge yourself this month, resolutions aside, what choices did you make to take a step forward in any area of your life? For me, starting a new devotional, choosing to read more, and getting out of my comfortable running routine to try something new aka Corepower Yoga
  2. Did you give yourself space to up the ante, be spontaneous, explore a new passion? We tried, Jon was gracious to last minute pack up the car to head to The International Festival of the Arts at Epcot, it allowed me space to draw and write and it was beautiful and fun to adventure with him.
  3. Have there been any big life changes this month whether good or bad? How did you handle them? We rescued a one year old dog, who came with some health issues – really causing me stress in the first week and a half. My home stopped feeling like a safe place into one of chaos, but I was letting the enemy have control, to get inside my mind –
  4. Did you need a reset at any point? YESS
  5. What changes are you hoping to make in Month TWO?

So what’s up for month TWO?

Well unfortunately we are headed to Alabama tomorrow for Jon’s grandfather’s funeral. While I never met him, I heard stories and he seemed like a pretty great man. On the race front I have the Hearts & Soles 5K next week, and the Fairy Tale Challenge (10K & Half) with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at the end of the month. I have my final follow up with my nutritionist next Thursday – so fingers crossed she’s pleased! This month I also want to dare to do something new! Whether visit a new state, run a new race, try a new workout class, taste a new kind of cuisine. Complacency never shines. Dare to be Bold! You hear it all the time, but this month I want to explore it – maybe I set up the challenge to visit as many states as possible in this calendar year (tomorrow will make three).

So get excited about this month – do something different, challenge yourself. See what God has for you! it’s going to be incredible!

Happy Feb 1st.