The World Needs More Love Letters – Emma

This month I’ve partnered with The World Needs More Love Letters, an organization started by a dear friend Hannah Brencher, as they launch their biggest love letter campaign of the year! For 12 consecutive days this month there has been a unique love letter request sent out with a person who needs a little holiday cheer & encouragement to write to. And whoa, what a special thing to walk into. Your perspective shifts, you reflect on the hope and joy that this season can bring even in the midst of hard times, and you remember what the season really is… giving the hope of Jesus, who came for every. single. letter

Today, this person was Emma. Emma is a young teenager, struggling with an eating disorder and finding her value in life. As someone who has been a nutrition journey this past year with her own struggles, and with a sister who has battled an eating disorder, I couldn’t help but be a little more invested in this story. Lately, my heart has broken for the young girls as they mature in a world that is telling them so many different things. What I think they need to hear is something far more simple. You were created uniquely and beautifully. You are loved and cared for by people no matter if you see it or not. You have SO much value yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and purpose just waiting for the perfect timing. Have hope, keep moving forward, be you, be bold, pray often, trust His will and timing for you. What else would you add to this?

The prompts aren’t always easy to read, they stretch you, but it’s a beautiful journey and it’s not too late for you to join in – here are the links if you want to know more:

Let’s get to writing! Merry Christmas