Lately! Running, Health, and the Food & Wine Festival

As I continue my journey to “healthy” it’s been inspiring and challenging simultaneously. Inspiring because well I have constant people encouraging me. My family, my church family, and my coworkers not only talk with me through nutrition, but give me new goals to strive towards and ideas to chase after. Challenging because taking things slow and seeing results like a roller coaster can be frustrating and at times demoralizing especially for somewhat of an impatient person (guilty as charged). However, through the best moments and worst moments God has shown me the sweetest moments. Reminding me to see the world around me through His lens, cherish time with family, and enjoy the shorter races in order to cheer on those running the longer ones.

Some highlights? Enjoying the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot enjoying tasty eats like Bratwurst, Steak Tacos, Banana Splits, Korean BBQ Wings, and Curry Chicken. After the 10K Saturday we also were able to enjoy Ohana Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch (my favorites). Thanks to the gift cards we were able to truly relax and enjoy the Foodie paradise.

PRing at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium 5K in October, running the Atlanta 5K overlooking the skyline sunrise and cheering on my sister to her first 10-miler finish, and the opportunity to do a few trail runs with my family this November. Making the most of these moments has been so key in feeling refreshed and refueled and seeing how God is working through it all.

The other awesome thing I’ve gotten to experience is watching my coworkers set goals, achieve them, and have incredible experiences. A few qualified for Boston, one ran and conquered the Grand-to-Grand Ultra out west, and my GM was recently in Morocco doing an adventure run. They all inspire me daily!

A few people have asked me what distance I like running, so I thought I would take a moment to break them down.

5Ks – the need for speed. Whenever I gear up for a 5K sprinting becomes key. The races are short bursts, and it’s fun to go fast and really race. The downside, sometimes you miss some of the moments you see when you’re on a more steady pace.

10K – This is around my regular training distance, I love it because its a solid workout, still involving a good bit of speed, but forcing you to pace and push just past uncomfortable, making it exhilarating and exhausting, i.e. The Peachtree Road Race

13.1/Half Marathon – my favorite distance: this takes diligent training, learning to fuel better and differently, and getting a feel for the right pace for YOU. Basically it’s a commitment and one only you can lock into. However, finding people on the same journey as you to help keep you accountable can be incredibly encouraging.

26.2/Marathon – ACCOMPLISHED. The feeling you are 110% guaranteed to have after finishing one of these babies. It takes commitment to a whole new level, it’s sacrifice, time, expense, and rest all in a package that takes extra time to even figure out. But it’s incredible. Not something to be taken lightly and if you can’t finish its OK (my example is the Rock N Roll Nashville having to switch from the full to the half knowing for my health finishing the full wouldn’t be worth it), but is one of the best feelings once you cross the finish line.

Random distances – 1 mile fun runs, 10-milers, 5-milres, 15Ks (aka the Hot Chocolate Race Series) it’s always fun to mix it up! Even if you are locked into training for a specific distance throw in a random not as standard distance to keep it fresh!

If you have any questions LET ME KNOW!