Year 2…

Jon and I celebrate our two year anniversary tomorrow, well we actually celebrated yesterday, but our anniversary is the 21st. Year 2 was full, full of new things, new experiences, new family members, new jobs, etc. We grew and stretched and worked through new situations and we look back and even in tough moments we loved year two, and can hardly wait to jump into year three.

So what happened in year 2? We adopted Kada in December, I made a career change, I did my first marathon(s), we went to plenty of weddings, celebrated new babies, Jon started serving in the worship realm more consistently, we went to new places like Gatlinburg and Highlands along with our more typical Disney and lake vacations. We watched Marvel movies & shows like it was our job, tried new restaurants, and met so many people.

So hello year 3!

We start our next year with the solar eclipse which we both will be working through, ha! And a week later head for San Francisco, the PCH and L.A. for family vacation and Sabbath. Then we head full force into wedding season for my sister who will be getting married in December. Of course there will be plenty of running and worship leading moments to come. We, of course, will be heading to Disney at least once together this next year, we are leaning back in with college ministry, and will be looking forward to Passion Conference in January!

We are excited, expectant, and so open to what God has in this next year, hopefully with minimal sickness!

For Now,



On Perspective, Training, and Headphone Free

Hey blog friends! Gospel perspective, especially in my running, has been on my heart a good bit so let’s start there then there’s a new workout and recipe below!

Talking to my husband last night after a very full week of work, helping him recover, and celebrating my sisters engagement/commencing wedding planning we were discussing our culture verses God perspective and wisdom. While spiritually I’ve felt in a “drier” spell when it comes to study, God continually renews my perspective in correlation with my retail job. If you haven’t noticed I LOVE running! And so this spiritual stretching and renewal in this community has been challenging and a blessing.

In a two week span I was only on the schedule once; part of that was due to scheduling around certain events that limited me, but partially they didn’t need me. So, this past week being on the schedule “regularly” (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) was like a breath of fresh air and God was on the move. Gone were the days of hiding in my office not having to mutter many words if I didn’t have to, now conversations were constant for as long as I was working and it’s been God-sized stretching and beautiful. Because I’m forced to remember my purpose, that every word needs to be loving and Jesus filled, that my attitude no matter the day or situation must be a display of His glory. No, easy is far from what it has resulted in, but I believe that’s partly why it’s so satisfying it doesn’t get easier, it doesn’t get commonplace every day it’s an intentional reminder of how every action and word matters to God and to the Kingdom!

SAME goes for training. Lot’s of people ask me what I listen to during my runs and the answer always runs the same: 85% of the time absolutely nothing. Why? To SEE people. God didn’t give me a passion for running and the community for me to draw into myself. I believe each passion and purpose He’s given us is intended to be missional. Now it can also be an outlet and enjoyment for our personal growth as well but we are designed to bring Him glory IN ALL THINGS!

So, if I’m in the gym by myself I might turn on a running or Emmaus Church podcast (Anson’s current James series is incredible) or either my pop or worship playlist, but if I’m out on the road taking in the city on foot my goal is to acknowledge every single person out there.  The group of walkers who are just trying to begin consistently being active, the city visitors coming out of the Buckhead hotels trying to find a breakfast spot, the prostitutes getting off the trains coming in from a long night, the homeless men sleeping on the benches of Buckhead and trying to throw some of my bars or fuel their way if I have any on me. Or sometimes it’s saying hey to the same individuals you see week and week out and asking how they are, and anything in between you take in everything around you.

It’s ok to run with headphones it definitely can make the time and miles go by faster, but make sure to not completely withdraw from everything and everyone around you! God wants to show you something!

Workout – Hill Sprints! 

10 minute warm up – walk/run

3 x 100M Karaoke each side, 100M butt Kicks, 100M high knees

3 x 20 jumping jacks, 15 pushups, 10 jump squats, 5 burpees

10 x 30-45 second hill spring, walk/jog back down. Work up to 100% on the final one.

5-10 minute cool down!

Recipe – Rotisserie Chicken

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is some ideas from one chicken that can last two people a minute!

So we get the all-natural plain rotisserie chickens from Kroger every so often, but for two people they last us hot minute, here are a few ideas:

Rotisserie Chicken sandwiches –  Add some fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and mustard and you got a substantial sandwich that is super easy.

Chicken Tacos – add some of the chicken, salsa, veggies and cheese (if desired) to a skillet let it simmer and add it to some warm tortilla shells.

Chicken Salad – make a summer salad by chopping up some berries and apple with sliced almonds and any veggies desired and put toppings and chicken over spinach or mixed greens, topping with homemade lemon/olive oil dressing (in previous post)

Chicken Pasta – Saute zucchini noodles, along with chicken and fresh basil – top with tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes and cheese! Pair with some fresh bread!

Four meals with one chicken and absolutely delicious!

Have a great week everyone!