Prayer, Updates & Rock N Roll Nasvhille

Happy Monday! First of all, just know that if you are reading this you are being prayed for whatever your circumstances might be. From the highest of highs – engagement, new jobs, first Boston Marathon, etc. to the lowest of lows – family fragments, diagnosis, job instability, etc. From the most complicated to the seemingly simple such as just getting out of the bed to go run a mile, you are LOVED, SEEN, and PRAYED FOR, right now!

So I’ve been AWOL for a few weeks, and not just on the blog but on Instagram and limited in other areas.


Several reasons actually! 1. To get healthier, it’s no secret that I’ve had trouble fueling myself during this really intense season of training. I’ve lost a more weight than I should have and bringing it back up has been challenging, so I shut down in some areas to really focus on getting myself to a healthy place. While making big strides, there are still some struggles so I am going to be working with a sports nutritionist starting in May!

2. Career change. YES! The Lord has had me in a holding pattern for over a year, but always whispering that this moment was coming and totally preparing my mind and heart for it. So when the moment was clear that it was “time”, the Lord was so sweet in giving all the peace, joy, courage and opportunity to have the hard conversations with the ones I love, and opening the door to a new season. Working for my family for almost 5 years has been incredible and this job has taught me so much that I plan to use moving forward.

So what’s next? 1. Nuun Hydration – Atlanta market. I have joined the ground floor team here to help build the market for Nuun, which is a clean electrolyte/hydration product based out of Seattle, this a small part-time role that I am excited to step into!

2. Big Peach Running Co. – Big Peach is a specialty running store located in several places around the Atlanta area. I will be working at Town Brookhaven which is just over 2 miles away from our home, the commute will be oh so sweet. Starting ground level here and then hopefully moving into bigger roles as I learn and grow!

3. Continue on with my admin position with the start-up company I’ve been on the team with for a little over a year now. Admin is a place that I love and thrive so continuing to sharpen those skills was important to me even on a small basis.

The fact of the matter is that the Lord is TOO good to allow me to step into these roles that combine my passions and hobbies and allow me to grow in a whole new way. It’s incredibly exciting to think of all He will do in this next season, and Jon is pretty excited about it as well.

On the race front:

Next up is Rock N Roll Nashville this Saturday and it’s the perfect timing since Thursday is my last day at my current job. Another thanks to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who prayed and/or supported my partnership with St. Jude’s as I can’t wait to race with this team. Jon and I will hit the road for 36 hours and enjoy a different city and living it up for what will most likely be my last full marathon for 2017.


*Supermom 5K – Buford, GA – May 13th

*Peachtree Road Race – Atlanta, GA – July 4th

*Disneyland Half Marathon – Anaheim, CA – September 3rd.

On the food front:

Know Foods – Know Better Bread. Gluten Free, and Dairy Free, natural, non-GMO and so much more. Their products are moderately pricey, but they are SO good if you need the carbs, fiber, and protein without diet restrictive ingredients. Keep them in the fridge for up to 2 weeks or freeze them if you need more time. Get one of their new packs and try multiple products: breads, waffles, muffins, donuts, buns, pasta, cookies, etc! Click here:

Other Updates:

While the AACR had been pressing to partner with for my second fundraising race of the year, I believe going in a different direction for my second race fundraiser might be in the works. Stay tuned for details as I prayerfully look at what this means!

For You:

If you need help with workouts or meal plans, or maybe just encouragement to do one or the other (or both) don’t hesitate to reach out! I’ve gotten a little experience diving into this realm with a few of my friends, and have gotten several ideas from a dietitian I have a relationship with so fill out the contact form and I’ll respond.

Have a great week!







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I'm a native Atlantan, run loving foodie who got a little sideways in her nutrition and is learning how to train and fuel in a healthy way to continue to live life to the fullest. God created me beautifully and I desire to honor Him by being the best version of me. I want that for YOU also!

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